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June 9, 2008

Isreali Police Performance Management Dashboards

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Dashboards, whether business intelligence dashboards, or software application dashboards, are best understood when experienced directly. It can be quite difficult to explain in words how certain dashboards work. That’s the challenge when writing and discussing enterprise dashboard software. Often, however, it’s not always possible for you to access the dashboards we study. That’s why The Dashboard Spy has become so popular. We’ll include detailed screenshots of the digital dashboards (as we do on Dashboards by Example), or sometimes, even video coverage of the business dashboard (see this Dashboard Spy Video).

A pet peeve of mine is when I come across literature from business intelligence vendors that discuss business dashboard technology and dashboards at length without including screenshots. I come across this quite a bit and it just irks me.

A couple of years ago, a Dashboard Spy reader pointed me to this Microsoft article about an Isreali Police Department dashboard case study and asked if I would please track down some screenshots of the dashboard.

Well, it took almost two years, but here are some screenshots of the performance dashboard used by the Isreali police to track over 100 KPIs for their 27,000 officers. The technology behind the performance dashboard is Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005.

Click on the examples to enlarge the screenshots. These digital dashboards are in Hebrew, so I can’t tell you exactly which metrics are shown on these screens.

Isreali police dashboard

Microsoft Business Manager Scorecard Dashboard for Isreali Police Performance Management

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March 2, 2008

Benefits and Risks of the CIO Dashboard

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The Dashboard Spy has been posting at Dashboards by Example and The Dashboard Spy Blog for quite a while now, but many people searching for various business intelligence topics still find Dashboard Spy screenshots at this original address.

As a nod to the continuing power of this original Dashboard Spy Collection of Digital Dashboards, I thought I’d throw up a brand new post. It’s a sample of the type of content you’ll find at the new sites, so be sure to come over and join your fellow digital dashboard enthusiasts!

Dashboard Topic: The Risks and Rewards of a CIO Dashboard

In the upcoming issue of Information Week, there is a great article on CIO Dashboards called “Hunting the Elusive CIO Dashboard“. I’ll summarize some of the points in a moment, but take a look first at this great table showing pros and cons of CIO Dashboards:

Risks and Rewards of CIO Dashboards

As you see, there are both benefits and risks when it comes to a CIO Dashboard project. The main areas of challenge are selecting the appropriate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and getting the data sources ready for consumption by the dashboard.

The benefits of the CIO Dashboard:

  • CIO Dashboard enables visibility of apps, systems and projects
  • Allows CIO to drive by KPI
  • CIO Dashboard will help lead to a lean efficient IT organization

The risks involved include:

  • CIO Dashboard will expose inefficient IT organization processes and data gaps
  • Poorly defined KPIs may cause mismanagement
  • Costly to implement

Here are 8 Steps to Prepare for the CIO Dashboard:

 8 Steps Process for CIO Dashboarding

A great article with content valuable to the business intelligence dashboard community. Check it out.

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October 30, 2006

Hospital Performance Scorecard – using enterprise dashboards to track health care KPIs

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Digital Dashboards

A fair number of Dashboard Spy readers are interested in enterprise dashboard techniques for tracking hospital and other health care facility metrics. I’m always glad to accomodate business dashboard and scorecard requests and have a couple of hospital performance scorecards to show you today. These digital dashboards are from the Hospital Report Research Collaborative based at the University of Toronto. These scorecards serve to rank the hospital’s departments both internally and against peer facilities. These digital dashboards use technology from

This first digital dashboard screenshot shows the hospital’s organizations and their clinical performance KPI figures:

Hospital Unit Performance Snapshot Dashboard

This second screenshot shows the performance scorecard. The Scorecard tab on the left is active. Other available tabs are Strategy Map, Initiatives/Actions and Commentary.

Hospital Performance Scorecard Screenshot

This last screen shows a split view of performance metric and report.

Hospital Performance KPI Metrics

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Homework: Do you understand the fundamentals of measuring hospital performance? Take a quick look at these books on hospital performance. When dealing with healthcare financial management, how do we juggle compassion and respect for our fellow humans with the realities of corporate management? Learn more about this rigorous field with these healthcare financial management books.
So who is the Dashboard Spy? No one really knows, but his growing collection of enterprise dashboard screenshots has captured the imagination of the executive dashboarding community. From excel dashboards and custom-built business scorecards, to xcelsius and flex-based visualizations, the dashboard screenshots at serve both as nuggets of inspiration and warnings of what not to do on an enterprise dashboard. These hits and misses will enlighten and entertain. Technology-neutral, and always business-driven, the Dashboard Spy website is the place to go to learn about the latest enterprise dashboard packages. Check out the Dashboard Spy’s latest recommended book, Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data.

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