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May 7, 2008

Tooltip Dashboard

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Here’s a quick Dashboard Design¬†Tip from The Dashboard Spy.

Consider the use of mini tooltip dashboards.

Your business dashboard is for graphically showing the state of your business metrics in an easy-to-digest fashion, isn’t it? Well then, don’t forget to take advantage of every facet of your BI dashboard application to keep up that visual information theme. What do I mean?

Take tool tips for example. You can put data into hover-over tooltips like this of course.

A plain list like this:

Data List

Can turn into something informationally richer with tooltips such as this:

Tool tips containing data

But how about going further and turning each tooltip into a little dashboard complete with red/yellow/green status indicators like this?

Tooltip Dashboard

Let’s see these mini tooltip dashboards on your next business intelligence reporting project!

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