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January 25, 2007

Excel 2007 Executive Dashboard with new excel cube functions and sparklines

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Some of you enterprise dashboard project members have not yet moved with the Dashboard Spy to his new url at so here is a clip of the types of enterprise dashboard posts that you’ve been missing. We’ve been covering dashboard issues such as sparklines and new excel 2007 cube functions.Excel Dashboard Update: This short video shows you MicroCharts for Excel and Microsoft BI in action.Dear Dashboard Spy: Here’s our latest dashboard using sparkline charts. We created an Excel 2007 based dashboard and a PivotTable for KPI Analysis. The first screenshot shows you a management dashboard for the Microsoft BI sample database Adventure Works. Bullet graphs and sparklines are created with MicroCharts formulas. The disjoint blocks of figures are done with the new Excel Cube formulas.Sparklline Enterprise Dashboard Excel Cube FunctionsThe second screenshot shows you a Excel Pivot Table for KPI analysis. The sparklines and bullet graphs enrich the KPIs, allowing you to see trends and patterns. The small graphs are done with the MicroCharts server extension. MicroCharts are calculated as strings within SQL Server and rendered as high quality TrueType fonts with the PivotTable or Reporting Services.Excel Pivot Table Dashboard SparklinesFor the latest info on MicroCharts check out: Sparklines, Excel 2007 Dashboard, Enterprise Dashboard, Executive Dashboards, Excel Dashboards

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