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October 26, 2006

Celtics Stadium Ticket Sales Dashboard – optimizing group sales through enterprise dashboards

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The ticket sales staff for the Boston Celtics has grown to over 20 something people from just 4 three years ago.  This with the team’s performance staying mediocre during this time. What gives? Take a look at the executive dashboard screenshot below. Sorry about the fuzziness, but it’s the best I can do. The original is shown in the front office of the Boston Celtics organization on a 40 inch plasma TV.  While I do my best at being a good Dashboard Spy, I couldn’t quite grab a screenshot from the computer monitors of the Celtics IT department. (I did once have free rein of the computers at Target Center in the Timberwolves office once, but there was a WWF event and I got chased off by a really huge guy with a shiny belt!)

Anyway, we have a really interesting dashboard today, as unclear as the screenshot is. The marketing department commissioned a ticket sales dashboard that shows in real time the seats sold for each game. They had wanted to do extensive analysis of ticket sales data, but their ticketing vendor, Ticketmaster, did not have a way to give the Celtics a real time view of which seats were filled.  Data was available only through excel spreadsheets with the usual delays. This hampered the sales effort. The marketing department wanted a way to enable the sales team to see in real time the ticket availability so that they could call back group ticket sales inquiries.  The ticketing sales dashboard was a big success. In the 2005 season, with performance of the team rather uneven, ticket sales were up 10%. The sales group was able to instantly service group ticket requests and proactively marketing games with low ticket sales. The underlying package for this enterprise dashboard is StratBridge.

Ticket Sales Dashboard

Homework: If you loves sports and IT, your idea of heaven is working on a system for the NBA. Send them your resume. I’m being told that this Boston Celtics tickets application was a trial and because it was so successful, it is being rolled out to the other teams. I’ll try to find out more. Better brush up on sports finance KPIs with these book on sports finance.

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