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September 29, 2006

Communication Program Dashboards – Xcelsius dashboard metrics for public relations, internal & corporate communications

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Someone at a PR agency in London ( seems to have been bitten by the continuous improvement bug and is applying lean manufacturing techniques to the world of public relations and other communication programs. The emphasis is on measuring their client’s processes and the metrics of PR, internal communications and corporate communications campaigns. They have developed a dashboard approach to monitoring the KPIs using the Crystal Xcelsius product. The screenshots presented here are too small to really make out the details, but I’ve also snipped the listing of relevant metrics from each. What is helpful is the categorization of the metrics into three types: Output-based metrics, Impact-based metrics, and Outcome-based metrics. Hopefully these screenshots will help those enterprise dashboard people out there working on dashboards for public relations.

Here is the public relations dashboard and the metrics associated with it. Metrics include share of voice, tone of voice, message penetration, agency performance.

Public relations dashboard xcelsius

PR Dashboard metrics

Here is the internal communications dashboard and the metrics associated with it. KPIs include the number of visits to the company, newsletters distributed, events held, staff turnover, employee engagement surveys. 

Internal communications dashboard

Internal communication KPIs metrics dashboard

Here is the corporate communications dashboard and the metrics associated with it. KPIs include the number of activities, share price movement, increased profitability, increased sales.

Corporate Communications Dashboard

 Corporate communications KPIs

Homework: Measuring the success of PR and communication efforts is on a lot of people’s minds. Have you read Evaluating Public Relations: A Best Practice Guide to Public Relations Planning, Research & Evaluation? Take a look at best practices of measuring and evaluating PR efforts. Also, as these dashboards are executed in the easy-to-use Xcelsius, take a look at the book, Crystal Xcelsius For Dummies . Xcelsius, by the way, is a simple way of putting a flashy Flash interface in front of your excel spreadsheet. It’s true value is that it allows you to create input controls such as dials and sliders that you use to change output controls such as gauges and charts.

So who is the Dashboard Spy? No one really knows, but his growing collection of enterprise dashboard screenshots has captured the imagination of the executive dashboarding community. From excel dashboards and custom-built business scorecards, to xcelsius and flex-based visualizations, the dashboard screenshots at serve both as nuggets of inspiration and warnings of what not to do on an enterprise dashboard. These hits and misses will enlighten and entertain.  Technology-neutral, and always business-driven, the Dashboard Spy website is the place to go to learn about the latest enterprise dashboard packages. Check out the Dashboard Spy’s latest recommended book, Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data.

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