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September 20, 2006

Project Management Dashboard – Letting team members access MS Project through a dashboard

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Here’s a look at the digital dashboard approach to project management using a layer between the project team and MicroSoft Project. These enterprise dashboard screens come from The concept is that you can continue to use the native MS Project file, while also having it serve as the data source powering a Project Dashboard. This way, rather than acquiring a Project license for everyone and his brother, you can let the “team” access the project details via a browser-based dashboard. I put “team” in quotes because on a typical project you get plenty of concerned parties that come and go.

The first screenshot is of the project dashboard. I’m not too fond of the use of so many colors for the statuses. What do all the different colors mean? If you go beyond red, green, yellow and gray (for missing or not yet reported data), then you should have a legend. Just a digital dashboard best practice.

Project Dashboard Screenshot

Project Management Issues Dashboard KPI

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