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September 18, 2006

Red Light – Green Light – 123 – Enterprise Dashboard Indicator Icons, a graphic resource for enterprise dashboards from The Dashboard Spy

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Enterprise Dashboard designers and practioners – take note of this update: The Dashboard Spy collection of business intelligence dashboards has grown to over 800 screenshots thanks to your support and interest. This unique enterprise dashboard reference can now be found at a new URL: Much new content has been posted so enjoy browsing the blog. And for your convenience, the posts on the various dashboard screenshots are collected together on the sitemap page in one listing showing the different types of enterprise dashboard samples. The move to the new url allows exciting new functionality such as videos on enterprise dashboard related content.

Now back to our unique enterprise dashboarding content:

Here at the Dashboard Spy, there is a continuing effort to supply the enterprise dashboard project community with truly useful materials. Previously we made available a unique executive dashboard mockup and wireframe tool called the Cool Blue Enterprise Dashboard Template. It was a big hit that was downloaded by many executive dashboard project managers, business users, business analysts and enterprise dashboard developers. In a similar vein, I now offer the Red Light – Green Light – 123 Dashboard Icon Set. It’s a powerpoint-based template containing icons and graphic resources from many difference sources that have come in very handy in past enterprise dashboard projects. Kind of my “go to” set of icons. Note: I did not create most of these icons, but I did “spy” them. 

Typically they were used for presentations to the business users to visualize the dashboard process and its benefits. These red/yellow/green light indicators were collected over time and multiple dashboarding projects. Once dashboard implementation team members got a hold of some of these icons, the sets started becoming famous. I now make them available to the general Dashboard Spy community. Enjoy using them. This set focuses on dashboard indicator lights. Other sets will feature icon sets that feature KPIs, user groups, business processes, etc. To download these icons, visit the Red Light, Green Light 123 Dashboard Graphics page.

Dashboard Icons Indicator Lights

Homework: The best way to make sure that your dashboard is a success is to really pay attention to the design phase of the project. Well worth studying is this lavishly illustrated book, Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data.

So what or who is The Dashboard Spy? As his about page states, The Dashboard Spy is just a guy interested in the design of enterprise dashboards. He could not find any executive dashboard design source books (or even screenshots of real business dashboards) and so set about creating his own. Finally convinced to post his extensive collection of dashboard screenshots online, he was amazed to find how popular it has become. If you have a digital dashboard, balanced scorecard, or any business intelligence graphic to share, send an email to info _at_ Also check out The Dashboard Spy’s books on enterprise dashboards. His current favorite is Enterprise Dashboards: Design and Best Practices for IT, the only book on actually implementing executive dashboards.


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