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July 27, 2006

Web Measurement KPIs – Choosing the best metrics for web analytics enterprise dashboards

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For many people, the most commonly and closely measured thing is their website or blog. And, of course, for many businesses, this is a hyper-critical area. Optimizing the performance of their websites has a direct impact on the top and bottom lines. We’ve seen many enterprise dashboard techniques applied to web analytics. In fact, many avid Dashboard Spy readers belong to the web measurement world.

I wanted to bring to your attention the KPI selection chapter of the book, Website Measurement Hacks: Tips & Tools to Help Optimize your Online Business. O’Reilly offers this free download of the chapter. It’s well worth the quick read. Here are a few screenshots I took from the KPI hacks. The tips offered apply to all KPI selection, not just for web analytics dashboards.

Here are a few suggested KPIs for web measurement:

Web Measurement KPI

This is a sample web measurement KPI worksheet. The suggested Key Performance Indicators include: Percent New Visitors, Percent Returning Visitors, Ratio of New to Returning, Conversion Rates, Average Order Value, Sales per Visitor, Customer Retention Rate, and my favorite, Percent of Visits Under 90 Seconds. (That’s a KPI that tells a lot!)

Web Analytics Worksheet

And here is a screenshot of a web measurement enterprise dashboard:

Web Analytics Enterprise Dashboard

Homework: Do be sure to check out the free download and read it carefully. If you are looking for more background on web measurement, check these books on web analytics.

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