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July 14, 2006

Casino Management Enterprise Dashboard – KPIs for regulatory compliance of slots revenue

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A Dashboard Spy looking into the challenges of maximizing slot machine revenue at an indian reservation casino reports in with these screenshots of enterprise dashboards dedicated to tracking gaming machine KPIs. Did you know that slots account for more than half of a typical casino’s revenue? The key factor is the gross revenue (or the “drop”) of these machines. Statistics are carefully kept down to the individual machine as these dashboard screenshots show. If you didn’t realize, this proves that it’s all about optimizing the total drop by carefully manipulating every element in the casino. This starts with the exact placement of every machine. These screenshots show gaming machine moves, destroys and sells.

The last screen shows the revenue of a certain slot machine. My question is when is the money actually counted for these statistics? A big concern in the industry is “skimming the drop”, that is, employees taking money out of the machines – usually the coins are diverted before the count room is reached. Does the technology exist to have the machines networked to report in real time the money received? That way, skimming is shown instantly with the discrepancy between the machine’s report and the actual counting room report. Shouldn’t this be straight forward?

Here is an interesting article regarding slot fraud from a 1991 CPA Journal article, “Control Testing in the Gaming Industry“.

Slot Machine Dashboard

Casino Management Enterprise Dashboard

Gaming Machine Revenue Dashboard

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