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July 13, 2006

User Configurable Service Desk Operational Metrics Dashboard – letting users create their own dashboard queries

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Dashboard Software Focus:  IQ Dashboard, Configuration of Dashboard Chart Views

Today we look at how one dashboard software package allows its users to customize their dashboard charts and graphs.


This just in from a Dashboard Spy over at who has developed a user-configurable dashboard system used to track real-time performance of service desk functions. Called the iQDashboard, the .net-based system allows the users the self-configure the flash-based graphics.

To use their enterprise dashboard, the user logs in through this cute logon page:

Dashboard Logon Screen

The user then gets their dashboard. In this case, they’ve chosen a couple of metrics important for monitoring service desk performance. Note the navigation on the left. There are user configurable folders (ie. multiple dashboards) and links to user setting controls.

Service Desk Dashboard Metrics

When the user needs a new query, they can construct one themselves using the following screen. Obviously, a screen like this may be overpowering for some users, but the gung-ho power user can help themselves without calling the IT department.

Construct a dashboard query

The user can then select the flash chart they want to use to display the dashboard metric.

Select a flash graph

The user can select what folder to place the graphs of the metrics in.

Multiple enterprise dashboards

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