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May 17, 2006

Airport Ground Operations Dashboard Screenshots – Traffic visualization, runway status, weather conditions

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Operations dashboards are used to monitor and optimize ground traffic operations at airports. A leading package, Aerobahn, comes from a company called Sensis. Obviously, a dashboard of this nature must accurately deal with real-time conditions and provide absolutely reliable data. You woudn’t want two jumbo jets occupying the same space at the same time. And you thought your enterprise dashboard was tough!

The first dashboard screenshot shows the status of ground operations such as runway status, arrivals and departures.

Operations Screenshot Dashboard 

The second dashboard screenshot is a query for runway occupancy.

screenshot of runway

This screenshot shows a visual of taxi-ing traffic.

Airport traffic dashboard

From the portfolio of interface designer LukeW comes this slick visual upgrade of the application. These couple of dashboard screenshots shows some great UI ideas:

New Look for the Dashboard

Refaced Traffic Dashboard Screenshot

Homework: If you need to study up on airport management, the place to start is the book, Airport Planning and Management.

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